MSP 139: Gloria McLean

By August 22, 2022September 5th, 2022Podcast

PODCAST No.139 – Gloria McLean

Release Date: 8.22.22


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ABOUT Gloria McLean

Gloria McLean (Founder, Dancer, Choreographer, Dance Educator) is artistic director of LIFEDANCE/Gloria McLean and Dancers. She choreographs, teaches and performs from her base in New York City and Andes, NY.  LIFEDANCE is dedicated to the integration of body, mind and spirit through the creative process. McLean’s dances often collaborate with new music, art, language and the environment.  Her choreography has been presented in NYC and internationally, including the American Dance Festival, festivals in Ireland, Paris, Montreal, Germany, Switzerland, Japan, Korea, and China. In October 2019, she produced “Lucky Dragon 5 Voyage to Hope,” with sculptor Ken Hiratsuka, bringing together artists from around the world on the theme of world peace in memory of the those who perished in the Bikini Island nuclear tests in 1954. In June 2018 in Beijing, McLean collaborated with leading Chinese avant-garde choreographer Wen Hui and Ken Hiratsuka to produce “Stone.Paper, Line. Sky. Water”—dance interacting with drawing, live stone carving, water and audience in the unique 3-story architectural space of painter Huang Rui’s Cloud Pavillion.  In 2012 McLean’s “Dancing Without Illusion” paid tribute to painter Will Barnet. Her video “Twice Marked” was exhibited at Brattleboro Museum in 2008 and the ADF Dancing for the Camera Festival 2009.

Teaching credits include: Professor of Modern Dance for two years at Keimyung University in Daegu, South Korea (2009-2011);  Henry-Bascom Visiting Professor at UW/Madison (2000); George Washington University (1997 and 2000). Adjunct positions and Guest Artist residencies at Manhattanville College, American University, Dowling College, Hofstra University, University of Texas/Edinburgh and San Marcos, and numerous others. She first received acclaim as a leading member of the Erick Hawkins Dance Company from 1982-1993, performing major female roles in the repertory, teaching at the Hawkins School, and touring the U.S. and internationally. Currently McLean is President of the American Dance Guild producing festivals live and online. She teaches live and through zoom.

“I make dances to celebrate human existence, the miracle of the expressive body, with other artists, people, places, forms, media, with ideas that inspire us, and speak to our shared condition.  I am. It dances.”




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Interviewer: Erin Carlisle Norton

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