Objective I: A Split Bill Exploring Editing in Dance (Pittsburgh, PA)

By September 4, 2015January 14th, 2016Events

Friday-Saturday, December 4-5, 2015 / 8pm, doors open 7.30pm
Objective I: A Split Bill Exploring Editing in Dance
with Shana Simmons Dance and The Moving Architects

The Dance Alloy Studios
5530 Penn Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15206
Tickets: Coming Soon!
More info on Shana Simmons Dance: shanasimmonsdance.com

This performance has been made possible by the Heinz Small Arts Initiative and the Kelly-Strayhorn Theater.

“Objective I” is a split bill performance and editing collaboration between Shana Simmons of Shana Simmons Dance (Pittsburgh, PA) and Erin Carlisle Norton of The Moving Architects (NYC/NJ).  Each will each develop a new work, both exploring the ideas of “placement” and “displacement.”  Despite coming from the same root, this will manifest into two completely separate conceptual works.  After the development of the works, each choreographer will edit the others’ piece.  All four pieces will be presented at Gibney Dance, NYC in November 2015 for a public showing to discuss the process of editing, to receive feedback from a panel, and ultimately to choose which versions will be presented in a December 2015 full production performance through Kelly Strayhorn Theater at Dance Alloy in Pittsburgh, PA.  Along with the “Objective I” portion of the program, repertory works from both companies will be presented.


Editing in dance is a new idea springing from an article written by Judith Mackrell of The Guardian.  She states, “In dance however there’s no real equivalent, no institutional version of an outside eye to spot a weak narrative, a slack structure or an idea that’s not quite working.” Refering to books and theater plays, there seems to be a successful pattern to having an objective eye edit text and delivery method, a process to which some of literature’s greatest authors can attribute their successes.  Mackrell goes on to comment, “Personally I think the art form [dance] is suffering needlessly from this lack of systematic editorial input.”


Shana Simmons and Erin Carlisle Norton have had a personal connection since the start of their careers. Both are originally from Pittsburgh and have a strong passion for boosting their hometown artistic community. Each choreographer is familiar with the other’s artistic works and style of choreography and feel a collaborative effort would culminate in an interesting and thought provoking split bill performance. A trust has been developed to edit each other’s works stemming from their shared history, training, similar professional lives, and both would aim to keep the integrity of the works.

“Objective I” marks an important creative milestone for both Shana Simmons and Erin Carlisle Norton by supporting the creative process and public engagement activities of an editing-based partnership between choreographers. With a strong reputation for high-quality, engaging dance performances, SSD and TMA are excited to present side by side.