Movers & Shapers: From the Field no.3

By November 15, 2020Podcast


PODCAST No.107 – 

From the Field no. 3

Release Date: 11.14.20


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On this special episode of Movers & Shapers you will hear from an array of artists working in the dance field, each uniquely navigating  what COVID-19 means to them and the work they do.  On this episode, hear from 4 artists that launched new programs or initiatives during this era, despite of and in response to the challenges of our time.

Inspiring, honest, hopeful, hear from Melissa Riker (Dance Rising, NYC), Crystal Michelle Perkins (Landingplace Project, Ohio), Shana Simmons (Shana Simmons Dance, Pittsburgh), and Erin Carlisle Norton (The Moving Architects, NJ/NYC).


Podcast produced by: The Moving Architects
Interviewer: Erin Carlisle Norton
Theme Music: Adam Crawley whose music can be found at

This podcast episode is in partnership with JAM.  JAM is the home of dance entrepreneur Jessica Marino, providing artist management services and industry shopping., networking for dance and bringing ideas to the spotlight.