Bethany Chang is a professional dancer and stretch therapist from Libertyville, IL. She received a B.A. in Dance and Film from Hofstra University where she performed works by Ellie Kusner, Rachel List, Robin Becker, Adam Barruch, Karla Wolfangle, Doug Varone, and Igal Perry. While in school, she spent a summer in Paris (USF’s Dance in Paris program) under the direction of Michael Foley and Colleen Thomas-Young. Bethany has studied with Doug Varone and Dancers, Pat Graney, The Cambrians, Adam Barruch + Loni Landon (HomeGrown NYC), and Trisha Brown Dance Company. Since relocating to New York City, Bethanyhas worked with Neshamah, Joan Bradford, Ambika Raina, and Marie Zvosec. She currently dances for KAKE Dance and The Moving Architects.